Know the bushfire’s behaviour, manage the bushfire, protect the house, protect the nation.

WELCOME to the empowering and proactive world of Red Eagle’s bushfire protection.

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Red Eagle is your one stop shop for all things bushfire

Red Eagle solves your bushfire problems with real solutions based on our unparalleled experience in bushfire planning and suppression and risk management

We offer no nonsense, scientifically backed, common sense approach in all bushfire issues. Our core strength is our advanced understanding of actual bushfire behaviour in all fuel types. Once people know what the flame and embers can and cannot do, or did or did not do, the smoke of confusion clears and creative solutions emerge. This sets us apart from fire authorities and others who use artificial and indirect indicators.

We are proactive and empowering:
We help you meet the building regulations for new houses in bushfire areas.
We show you how to protect your house, your sheds and your vehicles in a severe bushfire attack.
We show you how to protect your horses and other livestock in a severe bushfire attack.
We show you how to protect your valuable forests and crops in a severe bushfire attack.
We show you how to protect your community or town in a severe bushfire attack.

We allay your concerns:
If you are concerned about the threat on the neighbouring properties, we identify sources of flame and embers that may cause damage to your property or have caused damage, and we actively apply the duty of care principle.
If you want your fire plan checked for design capability, we run bushfire scenarios over it
If you want answers or suspect foul play, we conduct bushfire forensic investigations
If a dispute revolves around bushfire issues, we analyse what they say and compare it to what the bushfire will do.
If bushfire mitigation works are accused of harming ecological or conservation values, we have practical and managerial experience on both sides that helps with solutions.
If you need expertise in bushfire behaviour or planning or suppression, we give independent expert advice and give evidence as expert witness in litigation proceedings.
If you want more information about bushfire behaviour and its application, we can help
We advise, we plan and we implement. We call in experts from other specialties as required – legal, planning, architects, ecologists, on site contractors.

We call on residents, land owners, corporates and governments …
… Bring your bushfire problems to us at Red Eagle for common sense solutions
… Bring your bushfire problems to us at Red Eagle for independent analysis or a second opinion

Red Eagle knows that good bushfire planning is also good land management and good environmental / ecological management


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