Know the bushfire’s behaviour, manage the bushfire, protect the house, protect the nation.

New eBOOK – The Bushfire Solution Papers

This is a collection of background papers that discuss concerning issues as stand alone papers and then put the pieces together under a redefine goal of protecting the house from damage. Why? When we protect the house, we protect the person and the house.

We are very concerned about the continuing decline of fire protection standards in Victoria. We hope these Papers will highlight the vital need to turn them around.

The Papers cover the issues that we are most concerned about at the moment, for example
• The government relies solely on suppression to protect the community, knowing very well that the fire brigade model has a limited design capacity and that when running fires escape control, there is no Plan B for the unprotected communities they attack.
• The government blames proximity to forest and trees as the major measure of danger, yet there is no valid evidence. It is nothing more than a dogmatic belief. But, on this basis, it requires new houses to fortify at great expense and declares towns extreme risk and encourages evacuation
• Investment in fire equipment and bureaucracy is steadily growing, but the bushfire performance statistics are getting worse. The CFA now has assets of over $1B and annual budget of $0.5B,
• Bushfires are regarded as natural disasters but they are controllable at the source and prior to the ignition. With natural disasters, there is an acceptance of collateral damage as inevitable = house loss. “Houses will be lost anyway, so let’s get the people out of the way”.
• Evacuation is the people protection tool yet researchers say house loss increases with vacancy rate. Evacuation is the easy option that creates more problems than it solves.
• Researchers tell us their findings, but we do not apply them


We will highlight specific Papers over the next few weeks.


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