Know the bushfire’s behaviour, manage the bushfire, protect the house, protect the nation.


Proudly published in 2014 by Red Eagle Bushfire Protection Services

We are publishing this as a free eBOOK, as a public service, to maximize public accessibility.
We are very concerned about the declining bushfire protection standards in Victoria and the vital need to work with the authorities to turn them around. We see Black Saturday as a symptom of declining standards. It was not one of those one off disasters that happen each generation.Victoria, Australia is one of the most bushfire prone areas in the world. We need to get it right so we can protect our own and then teach others..

Paper 1 Introduction to the bushfire solution papers
Paper 2 Broaden our understanding
The causes of house loss
Paper 3A House Loss – causes and influences
Paper 3B What is not to blame for house loss
The consequences of policies and some clues
Paper 4 Bushfire status report 2016 Victoria
Paper 5 Victoria not protected from running bushfire
Paper 6A House loss rate in severe bushfires Part 1
Paper 6B House loss rate in severe bushfires Part 2
The planning scheme experiments for new houses
Paper 7A The BMO Experiment
Paper 7B The WMO Experiment
Paper 7C The AS3959 Experiment
Paper 7D Can two wrongs make a right
Framework for Solution
Paper 8A Threat and Risk
Paper 8B Misuse of ISO 31000 for bushfire risk
Paper 9 Defensive suppression
Paper 10 Bushfire Solution

This is a collection of standalone but inter-connected background papers that highlight the problems, describe the facts, check the science and propose solutions.
They go into a bit of detail but don’t be put off. Read and absorb what you need to.
We have detected the authorities using junk science, dogma and media spin to make government policy and we insist they return to valid bushfire behaviour science, risk management principles and accountability as a basis for bushfire protection policy.

The Papers show how we can broaden our understanding and increase our suite of mitigation options.
The Papers culminate in a solution package that can prevent house loss and reduce the bushfire problem from very serious to a minor irritation, creating self reliant and resilient communities along the way.
We believe these solutions will solve the bushfire problem in other states and other countries.

Our target audience is the student of bushfire issues, the concerned citizen and the politician and bureaucrat leader with vision.

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