Know the bushfire’s behaviour, manage the bushfire, protect the house, protect the nation.

Bushfire defence architect

Bushfire defence architects design the type of bushfire they allow on their property.

They plan for severe bushfire attacks .
The worst days are HOT (Temp 40*C +), DRY (Relative Humidity <10%), WINDY (> 40 kph)
Usually, there are at least 2 – 3 of these days each month during our summers.

As a bushfire defence architect, you manage EMBER ATTACK:
You determine where you DO NOT ALLOW an ember to ignite
You determine where you ALLOW an ember to ignite into a spot fire

As a bushfire defence architect, you manage the FLAME:
You control flame height and flame duration and location on your property.
This means you determine where you DO NOT ALLOW a flame to occur
This also means you determine where you ALLOW a flame to occur.

You will be aware that you have control over these things on your property.
You may also be able to influence them on adjacent properties.

Bushfire defence is a science:

.. You need basic knowledge about how dead fine fuel load on the ground determines fire behaviour, how managing fuel load determines flame size, and what flame size is tolerable on different parts of your property. Tolerable flame height might range from zero to 1 – 2 metres.

.. You need knowledge and skills to pass the self defence capability assessment

.. Then you can confidently use the self defence system, the key tool of the bushfire defence architect.

Once learnt, never forgotten.
Once learnt, you are empowered to self defend
Once learnt, the door opens for more knowledge and skill


Bushfires are dangerous to the uneducated person, whether you evacuate or self defend or do nothing.
Lots of things in life are dangerous to the uneducated person, just as jumping into a river is dangerous without first learning to swim.
Evacuation is dangerous if you leave too late or you go the wrong way or your exit path is blocked.
It is dangerous to self defend in a bushfire without first learning how to.
It is dangerous to do nothing and live in hope that you will never be affected.

Red Eagle encourages people in bushfire land to learn more about bushfires

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