Know the bushfire’s behaviour, manage the bushfire, protect the house, protect the nation.

Bushfire Management Statement

Red Eagle prepares Bushfire Management Statements and associated BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) assessments

Bushfire Management Statements are required for new houses, buildings and subdivisions in Bushfire Management Overlay areas. They have operated since November 2011. They are now an essential part of the planning approvals process. See this link for more information.

We invite you to work with us, because this is what we deliver for you:

♦  Rapid turn around time

♦  Very affordable

♦  Extra value package

♦  We inspect your site

♦  We explain with user friendly language

♦  We become your advocate


Benefits of working with Red Eagle

• We have over 30 years experience in government fire management and private property protection

• We understand government processes and policies

• We also give you peace of mind because we do something extra. We prepare an independent threat assessment for the property. In particular, we detail the type of bushfire attack expected on a worst case day. We make it clear to you that jumping the hoops for this planning process is no guarantee the property is protected. Even the Royal Commission said something similar. This is why our focus is on empowering you with a proven self defence system that will protect life and property in the worst bushfire attack.

• If the land use zoning allows a house on site, we strive to make it happen:
– We help you progress your application
– We help you with a second opinion
– We help you avoid unnecessary concerns and expense


In addition, as the centre for excellence in bushfire management issues, we have concerns about the government’s process that often result in higher building expenses than necessary. We are negotiating with the  authorities on your behalf for a fairer deal.


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