Know the bushfire’s behaviour, manage the bushfire, protect the house, protect the nation.

Threat agents

Our focus is on damage to houses. Almost all the damage in bushfires can be traced back to heat. Other damage is caused by wind force and by smoke. For example, wind force causes impact damage by heavy airborne fire brands, it causes roof loss and it causes tree throw and branch fall. Smoke causes health problems and damage to fabrics. 
 The source of heat damage is flame – flame contact or radiation. Flame originates in the fire front and from spot fires ignited by embers. Thus, the threat agents in a bushfire attack are flame and embers. To identify and mitigate threat agents, we therefore need to understand the behaviour of flame and embers.


Following investigations, we can report these findings:
Descriptors of fire behaviour
Causes of fire behaviour
When protecting a property, knowing about flame height is much more relevant than rate of spread
We are currently investigating
 We have serious concerns in these areas
Proximity to vegetation is regarded by authorities as a cause of damage
Byram equations misused
McArthur’s work misused

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