Know the bushfire’s behaviour, manage the bushfire, protect the house, protect the nation.

HOUSE PROTECTION – from first principles

The two threat agents are well known culprits – fire front and embers, but their sub agents tend to do their dirty work. They are running flame and stationary flame and leap frog spotting. They have willing accomplices – continuous dry flammable fuel on the ground (this lets them run) and flammable fuel near the house (this urban fuel lets them get close).

The worst time for house loss is during the one day running inferno fire. It can’t be stopped by the fire agencies, and hurtles inexorably towards your house..

You reduce risk of house loss during the one day running inferno fire by mitigating the threat agents that attack your house.
You prevent house loss during the one day running inferno fire, by neutralising the threat agents and sub agents that attack your house and control their accomplices.

To prevent house loss:
• Your house must be bushfire-protected
The bushfire-protected house is pre-prepared to keep the running flames well away

• Your urban fuel must be controlled
Leap frog spotting ignites it and their stationary flames are too close
You must control where and how tall you allow the flame by passive defence

• Learn how to defend against ember attack and prepare well
The self defence system is a good start.

• It is safe to stay put and defend in a bushfire-protected property or town
Your house is now occupied during the bushfire attack with skilled defenders. They extinguish the embers and spot fires that get through your passive defences


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