Know the bushfire’s behaviour, manage the bushfire, protect the house, protect the nation.


Your investment

Why invest with Red Eagle? Because you have ready access to our invaluable skills and knowledge, all essentials for peace of mind in a bushfire area.


Bushfire Management Statements

Your investment includes inspecting the property and preparing the maps and the paperwork.

Nominally from $1,600 (excl GST), depending on size and location of property and degree of complexity of the site or local issues.


What is your house worth to you? Is it worth investing a few hundred dollars for skill and knowledge to protect it?

What are you irreplaceable valuables worth to you? Is it not worth investing a few hundred dollars for skill and knowledge to protect them?

What you learn, you learn for ever. You pass it on to children and grandchildren. It will become second nature.

You will be in control of the bushfire. You will not be the helpless victim

You will not be anxious about fire seasons because you will approach them professionally.

Basic Training in property self defence

Small or large groups up to 20 people

The full day session @ $800 (excl GST)
split it over two half days @ $400 (excl GST) each

The half day session @ $400 (excl GST)

The more people, the cheaper it is per person

We conduct a knowledge and skill assessment, and a certificate is issued.

Once basic training is completed, the opportunity is available to deepen your knowledge and skill in bushfire behaviour and bushfire risk management.

Property assessments

Nominally from $350 – $500, according to size of property (excl GST)

Fire Plans and Plan audits
Plans are from $2,000 (excl GST) because they require a couple of site visits and full documentation.

Plan audits are from $1,000 (excl GST), depending on the level of documentation required.

Opinions or investigations

Nominal charge-out rate = $400 (excl GST) per half day

Travel costs

We are based in Melbourne.

We discuss with clients at a distance the need to recover reasonable travel costs.

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