Know the bushfire’s behaviour, manage the bushfire, protect the house, protect the nation.

Red Eagle Method

Red Eagle solves your bushfire problems with real solutions and we also we teach you to identify the causes, to monitor and to rectify.

Red Eagle’s unique specialty is our comprehensive bushfire management approach and our belief that good bushfire management is good land management and good ecological management and therefore good for the community. It starts with five pillars:         

Local environmental and community factors   

Bushfire attack scenarios       

Liability for flame and embers   

Passive protection in place    

Active defence in place

 Why come to Red Eagle?

♦  Red Eagle has decades of unparalleled experience in bushfire planning and suppression, and how to integrate this with land and ecological management, both in government fire management and private property protection.

We apply world’s best practice by using valid and verifiable bushfire behaviour science as the basis for diagnosis and solutions. We insist that all practitioners do likewise. High standards in bushfire management are essential for community safety, for fairness and for justice.

   We remove the mystery and the fear from bushfires, particularly forest fires. We explain complex fire behaviour in user friendly language until you understand.  

   Red Eagle delivers your solutions quickly, comprehensively and accurately.

   Red Eagle fees are very reasonable.

   Red Eagle solutions will save you time, money and the knowledge you gain will save your life and your house.


Like governments, we want to create resilient communities. We deplore life loss and we regard house loss as a failure of policy. We believe community resilience starts before the bushfire attack. As a centre for excellence in bushfire management, we make houses and communities resilient by empowering them with knowledge and skills and infrastructure to survive a bushfire attack. We want Australians to overcome the bushfire challenge with knowledge and skill and then export the bushfire-safe model to the world.

Come and join us.


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