Know the bushfire’s behaviour, manage the bushfire, protect the house, protect the nation.

Who are we and how do we operate?

We are Australia’s leading independent experts in bushfire behaviour science and threat analysis in forest fires, shrub-land fires and grass fires – how to predict them, how to explain them in user friendly language, how to manage them on any site, particularly in worst case weather. Our expertise is unparalleled in planning, in theory and in practice. Our self-defence system successfully survived the biggest test on Black Saturday.
Our knowledge and skill is based on loads of logic and on science and research that is valid and verifiable. It forms the basis of our independent opinions. It forms the basis of our CENTRE FOR EXCELLENCE IN BUSHFIRE MANAGEMENT.  It allows us to independently analyse the merits of research, policy, assertions, spin, and proposals, whether from governments, organisations or neighbours.
We understand how governments and bureaucracies work and how to work with them constructively.
We call in experts from other specialties as required – legal, planning, architects, ecologists, on site contractors

Our Principal
Red Eagle’s Principal, Denis O’Bryan Dip For (Cres), B Sc (For), AFSM, has unparalleled background in all aspects of bushfire protection and management. His experience – based in Victoria but includes interstate – in government and private practice enables accurate diagnosis and common sense solutions in all aspects of bushfire management.
Experience includes:
Local level: – Public land
 – Forestry district: – boundary issues, land use issues, primary production, vegetation management, competing interests
Fire suppression – hands on experience in many fires as crew leader and fire boss
Fire planning – develop and review fire plans at district level
Fuel reduction burning – plan and conduct small and large scale burns, including use of ground based and aerial techniques and fire behaviour specifications, eg, flame height management to minimise scorch height, and fuel moisture differentials to limit fire spread.
Plan and supervise logging and regeneration in eucalypt and pine forests, including fuel hazard management.
– Fisheries and wildlife district : – Conduct practical management of fauna conservation, including species management and habitat management, supervise reserve managers and enforcement teams.
Local level: – Private property
Fire plans
Property assessments
Develop self defence system for worst case weather
Apply system successfully on a property on Black Saturday
Statewide level: – Public land
– Statewide fire planner: Oversee regional fire planning on all vegetation types and full range of land management categories
Statewide coordinator for bushfire emergencies
Training staff in fire suppression and fire management techniques
Advice to Ministers and Chief Fire Officers about bushfire issues, problems and complaints
– Statewide level – environmental
Ecologist: – Investigate ecological issues on public land and coordinate solutions
Statewide level – CFA
Fire suppression arrangements in pine and eucalypt plantations on private property
Training volunteers in minimum skills
Consultancies in Victoria and interstate include:    investigating fire causes, fire plans, staff training in fire behaviour, staff training in fire suppression,  quantify bushfire risk in plantations.


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