Know the bushfire’s behaviour, manage the bushfire, protect the house, protect the nation.

Red Eagle’s disclaimer

Please read carefully because self defence against severe bushfire attack without appropriate knowledge and skill can be dangerous.

Please also be aware that successful self defence against severe bushfire attack with appropriate knowledge and skill is liberating and affirms self reliance.

Red Eagle has taken reasonable steps to verify the scientific accuracy of the source material and the logic of the steps used to prepare the self defence system and make it user friendly for the general public to learn and apply.
The principal of Red Eagle has personally applied the self defence system on a property during the afternoon of the Black Saturday fire with success – he trained, coached and assisted the owners on that afternoon.

Red Eagle advises that properties and owners should have self defence capability before self defence can be considered as an option. Red Eagle requires three criteria to be met before a property and its owners have self defence capability

If Red Eagle assesses a property as having self defence capability or advises a property how to achieve self defence capability, it means that the principal of Red Eagle will be comfortable to personally self defend on that property in a severe bushfire attack. We advise the property owners that self defence capability is one part of their decision to stay and defend or to leave.

Whilst Red Eagle cannot accept liability for the property owners’ decision or actions or failure to obtain correct skills and knowledge, we stand by the quality and effectiveness of the self defence system during severe bushfire attack, provided it is applied correctly.

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