Know the bushfire’s behaviour, manage the bushfire, protect the house, protect the nation.


Readers will learn about bushfire risk management from first principles. This will empower them to understand what infrastructure and activities work and don’t work, where they work and don’t work, why they work and don’t work. They will be able to assess their current effectiveness with authority and be able to contribute meaningfully to maximise their protective ability.
The Science of Bushfire Risk Management book

This book is a world first in several ways:

♦ It documents in logical sequence all the key topics that fire protection professionals typically take a lifetime to learn about property defence and bushfire suppression.
♦ It separates bushfire risk management into the disciplines of bushfire defence and perimeter suppression .
♦ It sub-divides bushfire defence science by scale into protecting the property and protecting the neighbourhood and sub-divides perimeter suppression science by scale into control line suppression and whole-of-fire suppression.
♦ It presents bushfire risk management as a genuine science, with clear foundational principles and theories.

♦ It can be used as a reference for training and as a support resource for making and for justifying decisions.

It is a powerful package because it equips property owners with knowledge and skills to control damage on their property or in their neighbourhood, even during severe bushfires. It also equips fire protection leaders with knowledge and skills to minimise the community-wide damage toll, even during severe bushfires and at the same time to minimise impact on the public purse.

First published 2006,  over 140 pages
ISBN: 0-9592072-3-6


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