Know the bushfire’s behaviour, manage the bushfire, protect the house, protect the nation.

Bushfire protection plan

Come to Red Eagle if you want a fire plan for your property or your community that is effective on a Black Saturday. Our standards are high and measurable. We set our design capability at worst case weather days. We run worst case bushfire flame and ember scenarios through the plans. This sets Red Eagle plans apart from other fire plans.  Others do not specify what fire weather they are designed for. They fail our bushfire flame and ember scenario test.

Red Eagle does property fire plans and community fire plans. We apply accurate fire behaviour science and threat assessments to devise fuel bed and infrastructure solutions that deliver verifiable low risk levels. We teach how the plans protect. We teach you to monitor the status of the fuel bed and the infrastructure.

We see community fire plans as extremely important because they have the potential to stop the running flame and make properties bushfire-protected. Unfortunately, as the  centre for excellence in bushfire management,  we rate Government fire plans as effective ONLY up to moderate fire weather, which means they leave communities bushfire-exposed in worst case weather.  We continue to alert community leaders of this  deficiency, and to work with government to upgrade their protection levels because we see high quality community fire plans as the foundation that makes a community resilient.

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