Know the bushfire’s behaviour, manage the bushfire, protect the house, protect the nation.

Bushfire risk management expertise

If you want world class expertise in bushfire risk identification, risk management, or bushfire threat management, come to Red Eagle.

Red Eagle understands the practical application of risk management. There can be several sources of risk and several elements at risk. The sources are the causes of or contributors to bushfire damage and the elements at risk are the things at risk of damage.

Risk Management 101 is essentially a simple concept.  Identify risk level  → If too high, take steps on the ground to reduce risk to acceptable (or to eliminate it) →  If acceptable, take steps to maintain.

Red Eagle understands the ISO 31,000 risk standard used by the fire authorities. They now rate your area’s risk according to likelihood and consequence. As the centre for excellence in bushfire management, we regard this concept as impractical and unsuitable for bushfire risk assessment of your property or community because it focuses on trade offs and balancing net losses and net gains.

Instead, we have borrowed from the ISO 27005 threat management model because it is more directly protective of house and community. Threat modelling is based on the notion that assets have vulnerabilities, and that threat agents exploit these vulnerabilities in order to cause damage to the assets, and that appropriate countermeasures exist that mitigate or neutralise the threats. 

This model is very relevant for house protection. The major bushfire threat agents are flame and embers, the houses are vulnerable to the heat they cause,  and countermeasures exist for mitigating or neutralising the threats.

This is why Red Eagle specialises in advanced understanding of bushfire behaviour science.  This is why we specialise in accurate bushfire threat diagnosis.

Accurate diagnosis of bushfire threat agents is essential for protecting your house and community.

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