Know the bushfire’s behaviour, manage the bushfire, protect the house, protect the nation.

Bushfire Suppression

Red Eagle calls on residents, corporates, community leaders and governments …

…  If you want a suppression plan or information or advice about how to conduct bushfire suppression in a bushfire attack, come to us. We introduce you to the capabilities and limitations of both dry fire fighting and wet fire fighting in ALL fuel bed types.

– We are the only practitioners who will show you just how essential and relevant bushfire behaviour is to fire suppression.

– We are the only practitioners who will show you how to use fuel bed management to ensure suppression is safe and successful.

– We are the only practitioners that will help you prepare a bushfire battle plan

Are you overwhelmed by the mystery and awe that has been created in the media about bushfire attack and suppression? We break it down into understandable chunks.

Do you believe that fire brigades are the only ones who can conduct bushfire suppression and that they will save your house? We advise you what their real purpose is, what their limitations are. We advise you how a property or a community can conduct its own bushfire suppression. We call it self defence.

Prepare a fire suppression plan:
Red Eagle plans for worst case weather conditions
We prepare a battle plan  to match your equipment and fuel bed management
We run test scenarios and training to ensure effectiveness of battle plan and pre-suppression arrangements

Audit a fire suppression plan:
Red Eagle tests it for design capability. Will it be effective in a worst case bushfire attack, or is it designed for moderate fire danger?
We test your battle plan against simulated flame height and expected bushfire attack types
We run test scenarios to check fuel bed management, infrastructure, capability of crew and all pre suppression aspects.
We make recommendations for improvement.

Bushfire equipment and fuel bed management:

We can help with landscaping design, layout and construction

We can help you with appropriate equipment for your site and with suppliers of equipment

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