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Property Assessments

Is my property protected during a bushfire?

What do I have to do to protect my property during a bushfire?

Is our neighbourhood protected during a bushfire?

What do we have to do to protect our neighbourhood during a bushfire?


Red Eagle  personally helps you by assessing your property for SELF DEFENCE CAPABILITY .

When we assess your property, we firstly assess what type of bushfire attack you can expect in the worst weather and explain what it will be like. Then we check three core things:
How adequate is PASSIVE DEFENCE
How adequate is  ACTIVE DEFENCE
How adequate and how prepared is the defence team for a severe flame and ember attack

The assessment compares the condition of your property against the SELF DEFENCE SYSTEM standard.

The Self Defence System is a proven self defence method, based on the long practiced principles of “dry fire fighting”. When the principal of Red Eagle put the self defence system  into action in the Black Saturday bushfires of 2009, it saved lives, property, cars and livestock..

If the property falls short of self defence capability, we advise you of the steps needed to meet the standard.

If the property meets the self defence system standard, you can have peace of mind that your knowledge and skill levels are adequate for self defence capability in a severe bushfire attack.

You are then armed with the best information available. You will be much better armed to answer these questions with certainty:  Can we save our house in a worst case bushfire attack in safety?
Should we stay and defend in the event of a severe bushfire attack?


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