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Spring / Summer Bushfires 2019 / 2020           Documenting the trail of destruction

I documented several NSW fires beginning in September, putting the reports onto my LinkedIn Posts to make the public aware of my concerns and to gauge their level of interest. I was looking for evidence of bushfire behaviour and suppression strategies and responses and effectiveness. I am not easily shocked by bushfire experiences, but last season did the trick. Our best ever fire agencies are taking us backwards in time to an Age of Darkness.

Here below are the POSTS chronologically, starting in early September 2019. Along the way, I put other more detailed reports on specific fires on the Red Eagle website. They follow this list.

I put them up as POSTS so they would hold their formatting. I could not get the “published article” mechanism to work for me at the time. I will master it one day. In the meantime, I have noticed the POSTS make a copy of the reports, thereby excluding inset URL links. Therefore, to make the papers more accessible, I have now put them onto our website and here are their URL addresses for you. [The numbers below each document are no. of views on LinkedIn up to May 2020.] I will also send them to the bushfire inquiries.

The bushfires in NSW and Queensland are simply examples of policy failure, not portends of the future      9 Sept 2019 355

How to inflate public anxiety and maximise house loss – the Fire Authority way.  The Peregian Bushfire on the David Low Way   15 Sept 2019 256

Let’s not scare the horses        5 Nov 2019 92

Something strange about these NSW fires       10 November 2019 86

An RFS Innovation or a washing of hands?    11am 12 Nov 2019 1576

An RFS Innovation or a washing of hands?    POSTSCRIPT 11pm, 13 Nov 2019 119

Long Gully Bushfire – one of many that got away WHY? 78

Busbys Flat Bushfire – another one got away  WHY? 115

Minimbah / Tuncurry Bushfire – another one got away         WHY? 124

The Gospers Mountain Fire, NSW 2019 – How and Why did it get so large? 10 December 2019 204

Green Wattle Creek fire flare up, NSW December 2019 18 Dec 2019 303

Green Wattle Gully bushfire expansion by maps 29 Dec 2019    107

Meanwhile, what is going on in Victoria?       29 Dec 2019 192

Why was Mallacoota not bushfire-protected? 31 December 2019 448

No time for the Bushfire HQ boys to panic now Gladys and Dan 2 Jan 2019 200

Emergency Messages may be of Questionable Benefit 4 January, 2020  (5.30pm) 138

How, Why and Where the East Gippsland fires started and spread out of control 5 Jan 2020 119

Tanker flipped by tornado? 8 January 2020 1371

Self-defence of Batlow and Bawley Point 9 January 2020 426

Mallacoota unprepared – bushfire attack and aftermath        1 February 2020 982

Mallacoota unprepared – supplementary evidence of bushfire severity 4 Feb 2020 221

These are the more detailed reports for your information:

The Long Gully Bushfire near Drake, NSW   Begins September 5, 2019 20 November 2019 Full report, abbreviated version in LinkedIn

The Busbys Flat Bushfire        Begins October 4, 2019 (30km East of the Long Gully bushfire) 20 November 2019    Full report, abbreviated version in LinkedIn

Tuncurry Bushfire      Begins October 18, 2019 20 November 2019 Full report, abbreviated version in LinkedIn

In preparation:

Currowan Brigade firetruck overrun – watch the fire approach and cross a firebreak – what can we learn?

Anglesea, Victoria – a partially bushfire-protected town         Why Partially?           

To follow:

Submissions to the bushfire Inquiries

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